Alumnae & Global Diseases

Although Cedar Crest College professors are amazingly dedicated to helping students develop professionally during their four years on campus, the successes experienced by the students and alumnae reflect, in large part, the inner-drive of each individual. Serving the needs of the world requires creativity, insight, and the willingness to invest long hours into facing endless challenges. The following is a small subset of alumnae with these qualities and who have dedicated their time and effort toward mitigating the impact of global diseases and the socioeconomic conditions that promote them.  In the interest of preserving our fond memories, photos, names and dates reflect the times when these individuals walked the halls of Cedar Crest; degrees do not.

jennifer saeger-165
Jennifer Saeger, Ph.D. ’92
Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
sue gerchman-165
Sue Gerchman, M.S. ’93
Vaccine development & production
Sanofi Pasteur
brandy fureman-165 
Brandy Fureman, Ph.D. ‘96
Diseases of the nervous system
National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
tracy litzi-165 
Tracy Litzi ’97
Gynecologic diseases
National Cancer Institute
cori brown-165
Cori Brown ‘99
Hyperinsulinism, diabetes
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Zainab Khalfan/abh 165 
Zainab Khalfan, Ph.D. ’99
Cancer drug development
Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research, Inc.
Heather A. Cook, M.P.H. ’02
MRSA, swine flu and others
Antibiotic Resistance Unit, Bureau of Communicable Disease, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Photo: Cameroon, Africa
Sarah Harris ‘02
Hepatitis, HIV, breast cancer, sarcopenia
Jennifer Weinberg, M.D., MBE ’02
International telemedicine, HIV
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; resident physician in Preventative Medicine at Johns Hopkins
Photo: Thailand
Amanda Sheard ‘03
HPV and cervical cancer
Merck, Inc.
Andrea Beyer, Ph.D. ’04
Viral induced breast cancer; tick-borne diseases
Penn State College of Medicine; Virginia Commonwealth University
Johanna Schwingel, Ph.D. ’04
Moraxella infections of respiratory and nervous Systems
University of Buffalo
Kimberly Bieniek, M.A. ‘05
Hepatitis C
Columbia University Medical Center
Julianne Sefko, M.P.H '06
Breast and colon cancer
Washington University School of Medicine
Photo: Botswana, Africa
Morgan Schrock, D.V.M. ’06
Vertebrate and zoonotic diseases
Ohio State University Veterinary School
Kristen Rennoll ‘07
Human granulocytic anaplasmosis
Ph.D. Program, Johns Hopkins University
Fabi Desouza ’07
Pathogen-free drinking water in Kenya – creator of the “Quench the Thirst Project” and “Made for Water. Made for Love” organization
Photo: Kenya, Africa
Meghan Feltcher ’07
Ph.D. Program, University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill
Jackie Pinder, M.P.H. ’07
Mumps and general epidemiology
Orange County Dept. of Health, NY
Stefanie Frace, M.G.C. ‘07
Bipolar disease and prenatal abnormalities Genetic Counseling – Geisenger Health System
Carol Dao, M.D. '07
Diversity of human diseases
St. Luke's Family Medicine Residency Program
Danielle Skinner ’08
Trematode infections; tropical medicine
Ph.D. Program, Institute of Biomedical Sciences at George Washington University
Kristi Clark, M.S. ’08
Multiple sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis Research Center of New York
Tasha Cornish ’10
Human blindness; public health
National Eye Institute/NIH; Johns Hopkins University
Brittany Fikes ’10
MMR vaccines
Merck Inc./Lancaster Labs
Brandy Haines ’10
Vibrio and cholera
Ph.D. Program, University of Delaware
 danielle pilla - 165/abh
Danielle Pilla ’10
Legionella infections and the human immune response
Ph.D. Program, Duke University

Last Updated: 10/24/11