Global Diseases Events

The primary goal of Global Diseases events is to inspire and inform. Students who have returned from foreign lands have been sharing their experiences with students who plan to participate in similar experiences in the future. In addition, many alumnae devote their professional lives to activities designed to mitigate the hardships associated with global diseases; they, too, have been speaking to undergraduates with similar interests. Other events emerge that reflect the interests and energy of the group; in the future we may even link up with the Great Outdoors club and climb a mountain to get a better view of the world. The sky is the limit; all it takes is vision and energy.

An Evening of Cultural Experiences

The uncertainties associated with plans to spend a week or semester in a foreign land often fall prey to inertia. As the world turns, some remain within the comforts of their homes. Others, on the other hand, reach out for opportunities to see the world. The goal of An Evening of Cultural Experiences is to show how fulfilling travels can be. Students who have spent time in another country have shared their experiences with others, typically with many photos and stories. The excitement can be contagious, and ultimately eliminate inertia and lead to future travels.

Far left: Devan Turcotte '11 (SWK); far right: Ananda Weaver '12 (ART); in Agra, India

Alumnae vs. Global Diseases [A Lecture Series]

Our alumnae continue to contribute time and ideas to our battle against human diseases. Their approaches are diverse. Some discover the DNA and RNA sequences of human pathogens; others process this information so highly specific drugs can be designed. Some alumnae travel overseas to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the impoverished; others use their business skills to develop programs to assist the needy. Hearing about the challenges they face in the laboratory or in the field can be both informative and inspiring.  Consequently, alumnae have been returning to the Cedar Crest College campus to share some stories about life and death in the real world.

Jennifer Weinberg, M.D., MBE, a Cedar Crest alumna '02 [PSY], in Thailand where she taught clinicians about telemedicine and easily treatable dermatologic conditions.

Last Updated: 7/31/12