Global Diseases Newsletter

Why a newsletter? To help those who can help... help others. There are millions of people, including children like Bindiya in India and others in Somalia, Zimbabwe and bindiya-150Bangladesh, who could live significantly longer if they had a little help. The title of our newsletter, for Bindiya, conveys these intentions. Some undergraduates and alumnae will contribute along the fringes; others will devote their lives to this goal. In the end, both approaches enhance the health and happiness found around the world.

Although issues will vary in their focus, the newsletter will include a diversity of topics over time, including:


  • Highlights of current outbreaks around the world
  • Updates on alumnae working on some aspect of global diseases
  • Current and recent student research/internships/cultural experiences
  • Recent activities sponsored by the global diseases program
  • Book reviews
  • CDC/WHO updates
  • Initiatives and opportunities available through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, and others
  • Updates on how cultural and political forces are addressing global diseases
  • Reports on diseases disproportionately impacting women or children

Volume 1,  Issue 1 (October 2011)

Volume 1,  Issue 2 (May 2012)

Volume 2,  Issue 1 (May 2013)

Last Updated: 5/10/13