Senior Theses

The primary goal of the capstone course for the Global Diseases minor is to write a thesis that not only includes an account of one's Cultural Experience within another land, but also a set of recommendations on how health conditions can be improved within the same country. Students are asked to draw upon (1) the content within the global diseases core courses, (2) their interdisciplinary training at Cedar Crest College, and (3) their experience in a foreign land in order to develop this set of viable recommendations. Although the program is in only its second year of existence, the students have gone to some very interesting places and have written some pretty impressive theses. Links to these theses are below.

Academic Year: 2011-2012     Kathaleen Deane (Belize)    Shannon Ronca (Ghana)

Academic Year: 2012-2013     Samantha Huey (China)    Artimus Russell (Liberia)

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