What do these two have in common???

Raw Egg(s)
and possibly...

So what?
First some terminology:
Exotoxin: a toxin secreted by bacterium into the surrounding environment.
Endotoxin: a toxin held within bacterium, but is released when pathogen dies.
Cytotoxin: an exotoxin that disrupts cells of the host.
Enterotoxin: an exotoxin that disrupts the lining of the host's gastrointestinal tract.

Salmonella will enter your digestive tract
penetrate the intestinal mucosa
• reproduce within mesenteric lymph nodes
• viable bacteria and LPS (endotoxin from lysed bacteria) released into bloodstream (septicemia)
• endotoxin hits cardiovascular system
• some strains produce enterotoxins somewhat similar to cholera toxin
• also present is a cytotoxin that inhibits protein synthesis
• enterotoxin and cytotoxin involved in diarrheal symptoms

Some History and Facts

1907: Don't forget Typhoid Mary.  Typhoid fever is caused by
          Salmonella typhi.  For an interesting story, visit:

Typhoid Mary

Mary Mallon (& Mrs. Brown):  [Typhoid Mary]
1869 - 1938
Irish Immigrant - NYC/Long Island

Excerpt from the above site:
I had my first talk with Mary in the kitchen of this house. . . . I was as diplomatic as possible, but I had to say I suspected her of making people sick and that I wanted specimens of her urine, feces and blood. It did not take Mary long to react to this suggestion. She seized a carving fork and advanced in my direction. I passed rapidly down the long narrow hall, through the tall iron gate, . . . and so to the sidewalk. I felt rather lucky to escape.

1984: Inoculation of salad bars with Salmonella typhimurium in
          Dalles, Oregon.  Executed by the religious cult, Rajneesh.
          Salad bars in 10 restaurants were contaminated; 750
          individuals became ill.  Intent: influence voter turnout

Photo: Rajneesh Chandra Mohan - Portrait

1985: Contaminated milk from a single dairy led to
           approximately 250,000 illnesses.

1994: Nationwide outbreak - Tanker trucks that had carried
           raw liquid egg then carried ice cream premix without
           sanitizing between the two shipments.  Result: 224,000
           cases of salmonellosis.

Reservoirs for Salmonella
    Salmonella enteritidis: periovarian tissue of hens' eggs; bacteria
     then infect the yolk membrane of the egg; also broiler chickens.
    Salmonella typhimurium: dairy cows
Salmonella enterica: Over 90% of reptile pets carry this
     pathogen; leads to gastrointeritis, which in children may lead
     to meningitis.