Rich Kliman
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Biological Sciences

Updated: January 24, 2020
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EvolGenius Population Genetics Software for Windows and Mac/Unix

EvolGenius v6.1 follows the fate of alleles at two genes in a population of constant size. Users can set the linkage map distance between the two genes, as well as the mutation rates for each gene. Users can also set the relative fitnesses for all nine possible genotypes, and they can set relative mating preferences based on genotype. The program also allows for immigration from a population with pre-determined genotype frequencies. In addition to tracking allele frequencies, the program can also determine when every gene copy descends from a single ancestral copy -- i.e., it allows for consideration of drift/coalescence and effective population size. Final haplotype and genotype frequencies are reported.

EvolGenius allows the user to perform a large number of iterations of the simulation using the same program settings. A single output file (.csv formart) can then be imported into a spreadsheet program for further statistical analysis. A separate .txt file reports program settings and summary data.

Changes from previous versions. The source code has been modified to compile and run correctly in both Windows and MacOS; the previous version only ran in Windows. The option to allow for assortative mating is now available. The main output file is now a .csv file, with empty cells filled with "NA" to allow easy import into R and Microsoft Excel.

Note: bug fix (Feb 15, 2016) Due to a limitation of floating point resolution, the sum of genotype proportions in immigrants could be erroneously flagged as exceeding 1.0. This is now fixed.

Validation. The program has been extensively tested in Windows 7 and MacOS 10.7, and produces output that is consistent with predictions from population genetics theory (see validation report below). That said, I cannot guarantee that it is free from errors. The c++ source code is available for download; my only request is that proper attribution be made if the code is re-compiled or modified.

Pre-compiled executable for Windows (zipped file)
Pre-compiled executable for Mac/Unix (zipped file)
C++ source code (code)
Software guide (manual)
Quick guide (guide)
Validation report (validation)