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Barton Shaw, Ph.D.
Barton C. Shaw, Ph.D.

The Department of History, Literature, and Languages

Department Chair
Professor of History

Ph.D in history, Emory University
Interests in American history, the American South and the Populist movement, African Americans and the civil rights movement. He is the author of The Wool-Hat Boys: Georgia�s Populist Party (Louisiana State University Press, 1984), which won the Frederick Jackson Turner Award of the Organization of American Historians in 1985. Dr. Shaw has been a Ford Foundation Fellow and a Fulbright Senior Lecturer in American Studies at the University of Sheffield (UK). In 1989, he on the Cedar Crest College Alumnae Association Award for Excellence in Teaching.


James W. Ward, Ph.D.
Professor of History
Ph.D in history, New York University
Interests in European and world history, urban history, film and history, and history and memory. He has authored numerous articles on history as represented in film, problems of history and memory, German history and politics, and the politics of culture. He is currently working on a book entitled Unwelcome Monuments: Contending with the Ruins of the Third Reich in Divided and Reunited Berlin. He won the Cedar Crest College Alumnae Association Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1990.


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Ms. Amelia Moreno 

Hartzel Hall 221

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