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Humanties Department

Gender Studies--Minor Requirements

Minor 18 credits
GND 100 Introduction to Gender Studies 3 credits
PHI 141 Philosophy of Women 3 credits
GND TBA Research in Gender Studies 1 credit

Plus choose four courses (11-12credits) from the following:
ANT 100 Sociocultural Anthropology 3 credits
ANT 310 Women in the Developing World 3 credits
ART 220 Women Artists 3 credits
CST 240 Topics in Film Theory and Criticism 3 credits
ENG 280 Women Go to the Movies 3 credits
ENG 380 Women Writers 3 credits
NTR 212 Nutrition for Women and Children 3 credits
PSC 218 LAw and Women's Rights 3 credits
PSY 250 Life-Span Development 3 credits
SOC 243 Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging 3 credits
SOC 252 Social Psychology 3 credits
SOC 304 Inequality and Power in American Society 3 credits
SOC 313 Minorities and Human Relations 3 credits
SOC 321 The Family as a Social Institution 3 credits
SPA 310 Hispanic Women Writers 3 credits
SWK 254 Violence in the Family 3 credits
SWK328 Poverty and Income Redistribution 3 credits

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