Dr. Kathleen Boland, Ph.D, LCSW, ACSW

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Democracy Project (2003) (P.I.'s - Kathleen Boland, Kerrie Baker, Elizabeth Meade, Suzanne Weaver, & Kim Spiezio) A $1.5 million grant funded through Atlantic Philanthropies and the Teagle Foundation. Professor Weaver co-developed the central curriculum used both at Cedar Crest College and seven participating institutions.  Dr. Boland co-developed the original assessment surveys used in collecting over 2,400 surveys.  The results of the Democracy  Project were published in The Industrial Organizational Psychologist Journal and in the Journal  of General Education.  Dr. E. Allen Richardson (2003) also received a grant from the Democracy Project for Religion 250, a service learning course.

  • Principal Coordinator for the departmental outcomes for Council in Social Work Education
  • Co-researcher for the Health Connection Program.
  • Co-researcher "The Relationship Between Personality, Trauma and Career Choice," presented at the Eastern Psychological Association
  • Co-researcher "An Assessment of Service Learning," presented at the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, San Antonio, TX.
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