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Professor Maynard CressmanPictured is Maynard Cressman, Department Chair and director of social work program who gave Commencement Address in 2008.




book signing allenE. Allen Richardson has been very busy. He has led two Study Abroad trips to Egypt (2008) and India (2009) and plans another trip to Egypt in 2010. He has also authored two books: Letters from a distant shore: the journal of Sarah Ann Breath. Piscataway, New Jersey: Gorgias Press and Strangers in this land: pluralism and the response to diversity in the United States, second edition to the 1988 edition. New York: McFarland Press. He has been invited to write an article: Asian religions in the United States during the Nineteenth and the first half of the Twentieth Century for The Cambridge History of Religions in America series.

 Kathleen Boland continues to serve in a half-time position as Associate Provost of the College. She and Suzanne Weaver also are the brains and heart behind the Health & Wellness conference held every year since 2004

Suzanne Weaver, another inveterate traveler in the department, has made two humanitarian trips to Africa in the past few years studying healthcare and helping at schools.

Scott Hoke, the newest member of the department and director of the Criminal Justice program is a frequent co-ordinator of workshops on corrections. He presented a paper at the international symposium on Environmental Criminology and Criminal Analysis July 6-10, 2009. The conference was held in Brazilia, Brazil.

Catherine Cameron has wrapped up funded research (from a NSF grant, 2006-2008) on community response to tourism development in the Turks and Caicos Islands. She works with her fellow anthropologist-husband, John Gatewood of Lehigh University. They are planning a book entitled Residents' Responses to Tourism in Turks and Caicos: A Cognitive Ethnography.


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