Mission Statement for Dance

The mission for dance at Cedar Crest College is to provide multiple perspectives and experiences for understanding dance as a discipline of study. The basis for the study of dance at Cedar Crest College understands movement as a universal language and symbol system for acquiring knowledge. Emphasis is placed on how dance, as a discipline of study, connects with other disciplines within Liberal Arts Education.


Philosophy of Dance

The purpose of dance as a discipline of study in Liberal Arts Education is to provide all students interested in implementing movement in their education, the opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation for dance. Movement styles, techniques, and somatic understanding are used to support movement education. The study of dance is used to develop technical skills; enhance perceptual and analytical skills; to develop aesthetic and cultural awareness; and to explore new ways of seeing and knowing the world. Dance, as a discipline of study, provides not only the gifted and talented, but all students, a framework for the exploration of creativity and individual expression.

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