Credential Files

What is a Credential File?

A Credential File is simply a file containing letters of recommendation that you have solicited from faculty and/or employers which is kept on file in the Career Planning Center.

You may keep a total of 5 documents (these may include letters/recommendations/evaluations) on file in the Career Planning Center at any one time. Once you open a Credential File it will remain open for 15 years from the date you graduate unless you elect to close it. The file is “maintained” in the Career Planning Center but it is “managed” by you.

Why Open a Credential File?

There are several advantages to having the Career Planning Center serve as the central place to maintain your letters of recommendation.

1. It is convenient.

2. It is safe.

3. It is free.

How to Open a Credential File

Simply read, complete and sign the Credential File Authorization Form. Your signature authorizing the Career Planning Center to accept and maintain your letters and recommendations is necessary before you can establish a file.

For answers to more commonly asked questions about Credential Files, please download the Policies and Procedures below.


Policies and Procedures - This document gives you all of the information you need to know about a Credential File, how long we keep them open and other commonly asked questions regarding Credential Files.

Consent Agreement - This is the form you need to complete in order to open your Credential File in the Career Planning Center.

Permission Letter - This is the form you should give to all professors who you would like to write recommendations for you. Make as many copies as needed. They will send all recommendations to our office.

Request Form to mail files - Once recommendations have been sent to our office and you are ready for them to be sent out to employers/graduate schools, this is the form you will need to complete and submit to our office. Make as many copies of this form as needed.

Authorize to Close - This is the form you need to complete in order to close your Credential File.


Last Updated: 2/3/12