Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff members at Cedar Crest College play a vital role in the advisement of students and alumnae in their professional development. The Career Planning Center is committed to working with faculty and staff members as they educate students on career trends, further education and preparing for life after Cedar Crest.

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The Director of Career Planning is available to to present programs to classes and student organizations on topics that include but are not limited to:

  • Resume/Cover Letter Building
  • Developing Interviewing Skills
  • Job Searching
  • Graduate & Professional School
  • Life After College
  • Marketing Your Skills
  • Professional Etiquette

If interested in any of the above programs or other career-related topics, please contact the Career Planning Office at x3401 or (610) 606-4648.

Career Planning Programs

Each semester, various programs and presentations are hosted by the Career Planning Office for the benefit of the students. Please encourage students to attend these events in order to continue their career development during their time at Cedar Crest. For a list and description of upcoming events, please visit the Career Planning Events page.


The Career Planning Library offers hundreds of resources for students and alumnae to utilize on such topics as job searching, careers by majors, resume/cover letter writing, developing interviewing skills, graduate school, internship guidelines, civil service, self assessment tools, etc. Please encourage students to take advantage of these resources and programs. They can be downloaded on our Resources page or obtained in the Career Resource Library in the Allen House. No appointments are necessary for students to utilize the library.

Also direct students to the new Online Toolbox which holds all of the "tools" they need to aid them in their career development.

Internship Information

Internships are an excellent way to shape any career and can give students a head start in their field. Familiarize yourself with the Internship Program and Guidelines by visiting the Faculty Guide to Internships.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences that students can have during their college careers. The Office of Global Initiatives and International Programs has numerous resources to help students find the study abroad program of their choice. Please browse through the Study Abroad section or contact Dr. Jenny Weatherford for updated information and links.