Faculty Guide to Internships


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Roles, Responsibilities, and Definitions


  • Obtains the required internship forms from the Career Planning Center (or on the Career Planning website) including the Contract, Guidelines, and Statement of Intent. The Contract outlines the internship dates, hours, job description and written assignment in addition to all required signatures. Student must provide all information requested on the Contract, including signatures, before returning all forms to the Career Planning Center. Student completes all required assignments and submits directly to faculty supervisor by the deadlines specified.

Academic Advisor

  • Advises and counsels students regarding internship site selections, avoidance of course overload and course prerequisites. Determines if the proposed internship meets the approval of the academic department and signs Internship Contract.

Faculty Supervisor

  • Approves student's proposed internship site, credit hours and monitors student's progress through weekly or monthly meetings. Determines internship written assignment. Evaluates student's performance and assigns appropriate grade and signs Internship Contract.

Site Supervisor

  • Provides orientation, supervision, and work projects to the student intern. Meets regularly with intern to provide direction and work progression and completes a mid-term and final Evaluation Form of student's performance. Provides job description to students so it can be handed in along with contract.

Director of Career Planning Center

  • Provides administrative oversight of the Internship Program. Counsels and assists students with the application process including resume and interview preparation. Assists students in the internship application process to secure an internship. Distributes, explains and monitors all required internship paperwork. Acts as a liaison between Faculty Supervisor, Student, and Site Supervisor. Maintains contact with company sponsors and signs Internship Contract.

Getting Started

  1. Students who ask you to supervise their internships must first meet the program's eligibility requirements (found in the Internship Guidebook). The Faculty Supervisor will be responsible for the academic supervision of individual internships, the integration of the practical and theoretical work, and the assignment of a final grade.
  2. Students who need assistance in identifying possible internship sites and in preparing a résumé should be referred to the Director of Career Planning. If you have contacts/networks of your own, please share this information with students and reinforce for them the "Power of Networking"!
  3. Prior to the student's enrollment in the internship program:
    • The student should come to you with their Internship Application/Registration form and a copy of an Offer Letter or Offer Email (for you to verify their position). Once you have approved and signed the application form, please send the student to the Career Planning Center where she will bring 1) Internship Application 2) Student Statement of Intent 3) Copy of Offer Letter/Email. Please remind students that they must acquire your approval and signature before visiting Career Planning for the Director's signature.
    • Paperwork can be found on the Career Planning website.
  4. Prior to signing any of the paperwork, it is important to outline the rationale for awarding credit along with the method in which you will use to evaluate the student. Additionally, please remember to list the assignment(s) due date.


  1. Periodic meetings should be scheduled with the student to discuss the internship experience. The Faculty Supervisor should schedule meetings during the semester, as needed. In cases where meetings are not possible, regular contact by telephone and/or email should be maintained.
  2. An on-site observation, at the sponsoring employer's facility, is strongly encouraged. For those internships beyond a radius of 25 miles, the Faculty Supervisor should require the student intern to initiate a scheduled telephone conference that includes the student intern, Faculty Supervisor and Employer Supervisor. This will ensure that the experience is a mutually beneficial one for both the student and the organization.
  3. Any unusual problems reported by the student or Employer Supervisor, or detected by the Faculty Supervisor, should be discussed immediately with the Director of Career Planning for resolution. You can also review the "What Do You Do If Things Go Wrong?" guidelines for suggestions.

End of Internship

  1. Students should submit the following to YOU and the Director of Career Planning 1) any required assignments that were outlined in the Internship Application 2) Log of Hours. The Director of Career Planning will send you the Employer's Final Evaluation.
  2. The Faculty Supervisor will assign a final grade based on the student's assignments along with the evaluations of the Faculty Supervisor and Employer Supervisor. Specific criteria for evaluation should have been outlined in the student's Internship Application. Grades are due on the date established by the Registrar.