Mission Statement

The Career Planning Center assists students with all their future educational and professional goals by focusing on empowerment, leadership, continuous learning and development, skill building and mentoring.

Empowerment: The Career Planning Center strives to provide quality time to each student to help her identify her values, unique skills and interests thus building a better sense of self and increased confidence. Each student will also be given the tools to help them take control of decisions regarding their future.

Leadership: Students will be prepared to make a difference beyond Cedar Crest College and in their community and view career development as part of the holistic educational process. Students will be encouraged to participate in internships, community service, study abroad opportunities, student clubs and organizations and campus events to promote social responsibility and meaningful work.

Skill Building: Several opportunities will be offered to students to acquire the important skills necessary to take future life steps. Career Planning will focus on specific skills including: resume writing, interviewing skills, job searching, networking tips, conducting self assessments and applying the transferable skills of a liberal arts education to professional situations.

Continuous Learning and Development: The resources of the Career Planning Center will be available to both current students and alumnae. Alumnae are encouraged to take advantage of this free resource to brush up on interviewing skills, spruce up a resume, or receive holistic counseling about any career changes they may want to make to address the ever-changing needs of a global society.


Last Updated: 6/11/12