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Career Planning Office / Kaplan Scholarship Program
The Career Planning Office offers a limited number of partial scholarships to students interested in taking a GRE or GMAT preparation course through Kaplan Test Prep. Kaplan is the world leader in test prep and has helped more than 3 million students prepare to take the tests necessary to achieve their education and career goals.

If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships, please download the forms below, fill them out completely and return them to the Career Planning Office located in the Allen House. Scholarships are limited in number so space cannot be guaranteed. Please contact the Career Planning Office with any questions.

For more information on the Kaplan Test Prep Service (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT Practice Exams)
Register online: www.kaptest.com

Rising Juniors: This is the first time ever some students (predominantly rising juniors) will have the option of taking either the paper and pencil MCAT (in August) or the computer based version of the test (after August). A Kaplan survey of nearly 4,000 MCAT students revealed that 80% of respondents have never taken a computer-based test. The MCAT is high-stakes enough as it is, without the additional anxiety of taking it in an unfamiliar format. If you're a junior who has fulfilled all your course requirements, take the test before it changes. It's not too late to prepare for the August exam. If you enroll in August and decide you're not ready, you can always postpone to after the fall semester of your Junior year.

Rising Sophomores: The spring cycle in 2007 is a good option for sophomores who have completed their course requirements ahead of schedule as it gives them an early lead on the process. Admissions decisions to med school are rolling, so the earlier studetns apply, the better. April/May test takers will get their scores back before applying which can help with the school selection process. Additionally, though we advise against taking the MCAT twice as it's better to nail this grueling exam the first time, many (37%) do decide to repeat the rigorous exam. The spring cycle is early enough that it enables this.

For more information regarding anything that Kaplan offers, please contact:
Corianne Jarczynski, Marketing Manager - Allentown Center

Choose the location that's convenient for you! (Pre Workshops $295)


PRAXIS Testing

PRAXIS / ETS Information
Educational Testing Service
Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ 08541
Phone: (609) 921-9000
Fax: (609) 734-5410
www.ets.org/praxis and www.ets.org/sls

The Praxis Series™ assessments provide educational tests and other services that states use as part of their teacher licensure and certification process.

  • Information only available ONLINE at these sites
  • Disclaimer for Standby Students: These websites enable ETS to update information on a regular basis and provide candidates with the most accurate and current information available. However, this change may create some issues for standby candidates. Standby candidates are informed that they must report to the test center with a completed registration form. The form and the lists needed to complete that form are all found online. If standby candidates arrive at the test center without a completed registration form, they may not be permitted to test.




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