Offices of Institutional
Effectiveness and Research

The Office of Institutional Research was established in the summer of 2007 to inform the decision making and planning processes that support the College’s mission and goals. The Director strives to serve the College community by providing accurate, relevant, and timely information to both internal and external constituencies.

The responsibilities of the Office are

  • To manage and coordinate research activities in support of strategic policy development, planning and decision-making
  • To facilitate and monitor actitivites related to the assessment of institutional effectiveness, including the assessment of student learning outcomes to improve teaching and learning
  • To collect, maintain, analyze and disseminate statistical information on the College, ensuring the integrity and reliability of institutional data
  • To serve as the primary information clearinghouse for the College, complying with reporting mandates of governmental agencies and requests for survey data
  • To coordinate evaluation processes and reporting requirements related to the accreditation of the College's academic program
  • To assist in planning activities at all levels, including the College's Strategic Plan



Lyn Williams
Director of Institutional Research
Office: BHA 203
Phone: 610-606-4666 x3717

LaMont Rouse
Executive Director of Assessment, Accreditation, and Compliance
Office: BHA 203
Phone: 610-606-4666 x3690

Last Updated: 9/28/11