Computer Information Systems

The newly updated program in Computer Information Systems at Cedar Crest College is your first step to an exciting career in a dynamic profession. According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the five fastest growing occupations are in Computer and Information Systems (

A program of study in this major will prepare you for a wide range of attractive professional positions and for graduate study immediately upon receiving your B.S. degree or while working in the field.

A Nontraditional Area for Women

Despite the promising future offered by a degree in computer information systems, this remains a field of study that is not commonly considered by CIS Studentsyoung women. The growing list of Cedar Crest graduates of this program demonstrate that women are successful and highly satisfied studying and working in computer technology. Our students work closely with faculty, industry specialists and other students to develop the technical skills demanded in today's workplace.




Last Updated: 6/28/11