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Sustainability Committee

Proposed Actions for Sustainability Committee
and Current Practices

The committee on sustainability shall be concerned with the College’s impact on the local, regional, and global environment. It shall:

  • Develop a common message for the campus on the definition of and the importance of sustainability.

  • Identify areas of the campus where sustainable practices are utilized and or/part of the academic program, curriculum and student programming.

  • Identify areas of the campus where sustainable practices could be implemented including: a) construction b) transportation c) materials and energy use d) purchasing.

  • Identify areas of the campus buildings and grounds where sustainable practices could be implemented.

  • Develop a communication plan to keep the College community aware and involved in sustainable practices.

  • Maintain connection with LVAIC Sustainable Campus Committee and participate in joint efforts.

  • Recommend priorities to maintain current and implement new sustainable efforts.

Questions or comments for the committee should be sent to sustain@cedarcrest.edu

Sub-Committees and Contact Information

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Chair: Roxxi Shupp

Sustainable Aspects of Food Services

Chair: Rachel Edgar


Chair: Joe Hartner