What should we be doing?

What You Can Do

Ride Share Board

The Transportation sub-committee of Cedar Crest's Sustainability Committee has created a new Ride Share Forum on My Cedar Crest.

On the Campus Connect tab, there is now a message board that the college community can use to arrange ride sharing opportunities. Whether it's a one-time ride or a recurring car-pool, faculty, staff, and students can use this board to find others going to a particular event or destination or offer up a ride themselves.

We hope you'll log on to My Cedar Crest today and give it a try.


Other Suggestions

To put it simply, we all need to use less stuff!

  • Educate yourself: Take opportunities to learn about sustainability and become literate in sustainable development;

  • Consume less by using durable goods such as coffee mugs instead of disposables or throwaways

  • Conserve water by using water efficient products, repairing leaks, and consuming less

  • Save energy by turning off lights and computers, and setting heating and cooling temperatures correctly, walk and bike more, don't stand in front of an open refrigerator, clean the coils, etc.

  • Change to energy efficient light bulbs and caulk your house; and

  • Stay healthy by exercising more and eating fresh vegetables and organic foods

  • Manage investments with a socially and environmentally responsible ethic;

  • Help the local economy by buying locally and regionally manufactured goods and services

  • Save resources by using reusable materials such as 100% recycled paper

  • Think before you print.

  • Reduce waste through campus and community recycling programs

  • Reduce pollution and save fuel by car pooling and using public transportation

  • Assess your own habits and make a commitment to become a consumer advocate for sustainable (green and fair trade) goods and services. Go to Green America and join their boycotts and campaigns;

  • Catalyze fair trade, social justice, and environmental groups on campus;

  • Ask many store managers to contact their corporate office with a request for fair trade & green products;

  • Use energy conservation and renewable energies instead of fossil fuels whenever possible

  • Be informed and vote and get involved in the political process;

  • Share what you have learned with others and incorporate this knowledge into policies and practices;

  • Assess organizational practices with sustainability in mind.