Lab Members

LAB 2013  Main Lab Projects dealing with Replication Protein A (RPA):

    -Characterization of RPA phosphorylation in vivo.
   -Studying the role of RPA in Telomere Synthesis. 
    -Studying the role of RPA in Cell cycle control.
    -Studying the role of RPA Phosphorylation in DNA damage repair.

-Characterization of physical/genetic interactions of RPA with
      DNA repair and telomere maitenance proteins.

    Lab members use a combination of these disciplines in their research:

                Molecular Genetics        
                Biochemistry                  Cell Biology       Genetics  

Back Left to Right:
Nicole Sparno '13, Rebecca Grady ‘15, Chloe Ciraco ’17, Jasmine Smith ’17                                   
Front row Left to Right: Michaela Ortiz ‘15, Kristina Cramp ’16, Amanda Pattison ’14, Denyell Spingola ‘15