Former Lab Members

 Lab 2010

Walther Lab 2010

Back Left to Right: Molly McQuilken ’12, Sakina Khaku ‘10, C.J. Krise ’10, Kayla Hager '11,
Kirsten Nole ‘12, René Norman ’10   Front row Left to Right: Christina Matika ‘10,
Tabby King '11,
Sarah Klein '11,  Rebecca Tutino ‘10

Lab 2009

                                                Walther Lab 2009
Back Left to Right: Kayla Hager '11, Taby King '11, Victoria Schoepke '11, Olivia Koebler ‘09,
René Norman ‘10, Jessica Kline ‘09, René Norman ‘10, ,
Jessica Kline ‘09, C.J. Krise ‘10 
Front row Left to Right:
Sakina Khaku ‘10,
Christina Matika ‘10, Rebecca Tutino ‘10

Lab 2008
                                                Walther Lab 2008
Back Left to Right:Olivia Koebler ‘09, Sakina Khaku ‘09, René Norman ‘09,
Shayna Staer ‘08, Jessica Kline ‘09
Front row Left to Right: Christina Matika ‘09,
Shanna Santora ‘08, Kristi Clark ‘08,  C.J. Krise ‘09, Rebecca Tutino ‘09

Graduates in Class of 2010:

Christina Matika is currently a research
associate in the lab of Sonia L. Planey, PhD
at the Commonwealth Medical College.

Rene Norman will be a PhD. candidate at
the University of Connecticut Health Center.

Sakina Khaku will begin graduate school
in the Drexel University College of Medicine
in the falls

Rebecca Tutino will be a PhD. candidate in
the University of Michigan School of
Public Health.

Graduates in Class of 2009:

Olivia Koebler is currently a research
technician at Diebel Labs.

Jessica Kline is a research associate
in the lab of Agnieszka Witkiewicz at
the Kimmel Cancer Center at the Jefferson
University Hospitals


Graduates in Class of 2008:
Kristi Clark is a graduate student in the
Department of Biological Sciences at the
University of Delaware.  She works in the
lab of Dr. Grace M. Hobson.

Shayna and Shanna are working in Biotech