Criminal Justice (Major)

scott hokeThe job outlook for criminal justice graduates through the next five years will be favorable due, in part, to a more security-conscious society. Local, state and federal agencies are responding to increasing needs for security by budgeting for, and hiring more, bachelor degree-prepared professionals.

The Criminal Justice major at Cedar Crest College is an interdisciplinary designed to provide an academically challenging program of studies that will prepare students to assume leadership positions in the various professional arenas associated with criminal justice. Students will also have hands-on practical experience when they engage in a senior year field experience in a community-based criminal justice setting.

A degree in criminal justice will prepare the student for leadership positions in a variety of professions that include:

  • Correctional Management
  • Probation and Parole
  • Child Welfare Services
  • Child Abuse Investigative Services
  • Foster Care Services
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Drug and Alcohol Referral, Evaluation, and Service Industries
  • Federal Law Enforcement (FBI, DEA, IRS, ATF, US Marshall, Federal Probation, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the U.S. Department of Justice)
  • State Law Enforcement (Bureau of Narcotic Investigation and Drug Control, PA)
  • Attorney General’s Criminal Investigation Division
  • Not-for-profit Agencies
  • Security (transit, industrial and personnel security, intelligence analysis, public safety and homeland security, fraud/bank investigation, and emergency preparedness)


Scott Hoke - Associate Professor
Paul Werrell - Adjunct Professor

Major Requirements

Foundation Courses

PSC 202 Law and Justice or
PSC 218 Criminal Procedure and the Bill of Rights
PSY 309 Abnormal Psychology or
PSY 310 Forensic Psychology
SOC 100 Introduction to Culture and Society
SOC 324 Social Science Statistics
SWK 313 Minorities and Human Relations
SWK 325 Research Methods and Design
SWK 326 Evaluating Social Work Research

Required Professional Courses

CRJ 101 The Legal System
CRJ 106 Criminology
CRJ 201 Addictions, Psychopathology, and Crime
CRJ 206 Class, Race, Gender, Crime
CRJ 211 Criminal Justice Ethics
CRJ 301 Juvenile Justice
CRJ 306 Corrections
CRJ 311 Crime and Place
- Crime and Public Policy
CRJ 321 Field Experience
CRJ 326 Seminar
CRJ 331 Leadership for Women in Criminal Justice


At Cedar Crest, attend part time or full time, during the day, evening, weekend, or online. The choice is yours.

Evening/Weekend Program

The Criminal Justice degree program is available through evening and weekend study. A wide variety of courses are scheduled throughout the week and on weekends to accommodate the student who prefers to complete a degree through evening/weekend study.


Last Updated: 12/15/10