Social Sciences Department
Curtis Hall 2nd Floor, West Wing

The Social Sciences are concerned with the origin and development of human society and cultures, and the institutions, relationships, and ideas of social life. At Cedar Crest, the disciplines included in the social science department are anthropology, criminal justice, religious studies, sociology, and social work.

All the disciplines of the department are concerned with the social and cultural dimensions of human beings in this and other societies. We emphasize theory and engagement in the research process to give the student a broad understanding of social processes.

Many of our courses offer students the opportunity to develop research skills and apply them in interesting ways through internships, original research, agency placements, and assistantships in faculty research projects.

Students work closely with a diverse faculty who have a genuine interest and commitment to engage with them in the learning process.


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 Acknowledgments: Thanks go to Social Work/ work study student, Jackie Tuttle, for her great help in updating this Website.

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