Research and College Initiatives

The Social Science faculty are active on the research & publication front. The following is a selective list of recent faculty accomplishments.  See their Personal Pages for full list.

Recent Faculty Grants

Cooperative Agreement Number 08J65 - National Institute of Corrections. (2008) $218,000 (P.I. Scott Hoke) Effective September 10, 2008 a grant was awarded for implementation and outcome based research at three jail locations in the United States.  The grant award entails assisting in the implementation of an NIC sponsored inmate management system. 

National Science Foundation grant (2006-2008) $178,000. (P.I.'s Catherine Cameron &  John B. Gatewood of Lehigh U), Residents' Understandings of  Tourism in the Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI, Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences, Cultural Anthropology Program.

Democracy Project  (2003) (P.I.'s - Kathleen Boland, Kerrie Baker, Elizabeth Meade, Suzanne Weaver, & Kim Spiezio) A $1.5 million grant funded through Atlantic Philanthropies and the Teagle Foundation. Professor Weaver co-developed the central curriculum used both at Cedar Crest College and seven participating institutions.  Dr. Boland co-developed the original assessment surveys used in collecting over 2,400 surveys.  The results of the Democracy  Project were published in The Industrial Organizational Psychologist Journal and in the Journal  of General Education.  Dr. E. Allen Richardson (2003) also received a grant from the Democracy Project for Religion 250, a service learning course.

Affiliates Grant Pluralism Project of Harvard University (2003 ) (P.I.'s E. Allen Richardson & Catherine Cameron), to study transplanted Hindu tradition in Pennsylvania at Vraj Hindu Temple in Pottsville, PA. Details at:

Second grant to E. Allen Richardson to study Gujarati Temples in metropolitan Houston, TX. Details at:

Selected Books and Articles

Boland, Kathleen (2009). Law and ethics in social work. Teaching social work values and ethics, 2nd edition. CSWE Press: Council on Social Work Education: Alexandria, VA.

Baker, K., Boland, K., & Laffey, J. (2006).  The health connection at Cedar Crest College. National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, 43 (3) 446 - 463.

Cameron, Catherine (2012) American Experimental Music. Scheduled to appear in Encyclopedia of American Music and Culture. ABC-Clio Press.

(2011 with John B. Gatewood) The Numen Experience in Heritage Tourism. To appear in, The Cultural Moment in Heritage Tourism. Laurajane Smith, Emma Waterton, Steven Watson, eds. Routledge.

(2010) The Unnatural History of Heritage. Journal of Heritage Tourism 5(3): 219-236.

(2009) The Marketing of Heritage: From the Western World to the Global Stage. Special issue of City and Society.20(2): 160-168. Winter 2009.

(2008 with John B. Gatewood) Beyond Sun, Sand, and Sea: The Emergent Tourism Program in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Journal of Heritage Research vol. 3(1): 55- 73.

Richardson, E. Allen (2009) Letters from a distant shore: the journal of Sarah Ann Breath. Piscataway, New Jersey: Gorgias Press.

 Richardson, E. Allen (2010) Strangers in this land: pluralism and the response to diversity in the United States. Second to the 1988 edition. New York: McFarland Press.

Health and Wellness Conference

SIXTH ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON HEALTH, WELLNESS & RESEARCH: The sixth annual Health & Wellness conference (April 28, 2009) was co-ordinated by Suzanne Weaver and Kathleen Boland. It featured special speakers and presentations, a health screening room for the community, and walls of extraordinary student research across the disciplines.

       From the program: "Cedar Crest College is proud to announce its Sixth Annual Conference on Health, Wellness & Research. This year's theme, Health and Wellness through Education and Research, examines and explores some of the unique attributes of women's health with an emphasis on the need for further gender specific research. Women have particular needs at various stages of the lifecycle. Prevention and implementing effective treatment intervention with a focus on health from an interdisciplinary, bio-psychosocial-spiritual perspective is needed. Join the Cedar Crest Community for a day of learning, empowerment and fun as we explore health and wellness together and recognize the research accomplishments of our students and faculty."


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