Global Studies (major)

What is Global Studies?

Global Studies investigates globalization. Very simply, globalization is the process by which the world has become increasingly connected in an economic, political, cultural, and environmental sense. Time and space have been compressed as a result of trade, travel, and virtual communication. While you can argue that globalization is an old process, globalization has accelerated dramatically in the past 50 years. The major studies the new world system that is now with us.

Global Studies is an emergent inter-disciplinary field in the social sciences. It includes economics, anthropology, political science, but also religious studies, history, and even biology. Globalization in all its cultural, political, environmental and economic aspects is highly complex which is why the major requires a strong, interdisciplinary academic education.


The intellectual and applied objectives of the Global Studies major are to promote global competence in the sense of transnational understanding and global engagement in the sense of communication and action. The major arises in response to major historic changes in the world – the rise and decline of nation states in the 19th and 20th centuries and the emergence of a modern world system in the 21st century. The new world requires a breadth of understanding beyond that of most traditional majors and minors.

Program Description

The major requires a minimum of 45 credits along with possible additional Study Abroad credits ranging from 1-12. This puts the total likely credits at 46+. The core consists of 27 credits (9 courses) that include the introductory course (The Globalizing World), several 100-level and 200-level core courses, two levels of language, and senior capstone thesis. Students opt for further study choosing one of three possible concentrations, each of which totals 18 credits.

The concentrations are:

(1) Culture, society, and religion

(2) International business and global economics

(3) Global stewardship.

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