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Kari Cave, an anthropology major, produced a fine short documentary video as her senior thesis in 2008 on the Joanna furnace archeological site in Berks County. The furnace, built in the 19th century, was a cold blast, single stack, charcoal iron furnace. It is used as a site in the course taught by Kenza Glass, Introduction to Archeology.

Since 2005, thirty-five social work graduates have gone on to graduate school to various schools such as Marywood, Kutztown, Rutgers, Temple, Buffalo, USC, Monmouth, Immaculata, Columbia, and Michigan. The graduates of the Social Work program have also gone on to careers such as Crisis Counselors, Middle school counselor, Medical social worker, and Communication and Policy Specialist for the NASW.

Llolanda Hanville and Yoly Santana took every class together since they enrolled mother and daughterin the Social Work program at Cedar Crest College three years ago.

They studied together frequently. They motivated one another. They supported each other-like when Hanville met with Social Sciences Chair Maynard Cressman to discuss switching her major from nursing and invited equally ambivalent psychology student Santana to join her, or when Hanville's physical ailments-including a bout of appendicitis-landed her in the hospital late last year, and Santana brought her notes to the hospital so the pair could study.

At commencement over the weekend, the pair graduated with bachelors' degrees in social work, the unusual mother and daughter who know precisely the hard work and dedication that it took to earn that degree. They couldn't be more proud of each other.


Ali Walker (Social Work graduate) has traveled near and far: to New York City where she was filmed in an Obama ad and to Costa Rica where she lived with a local family.

 ally and host family in costa rica


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