Suzanne Weaver, MSW

Research Publications Presentations


Reserch and Humanitarian Aid Trip to Nepal (2001) Research focused on third world medicine as it relates to life span. Participated in medical roudns in the medical rounds at the Patan Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal, donated medical equipment, and painted adn cleaned the pediatric outpatient clinic. Toured rural community health projects that delivered education and medical services in remote mountainous regions. Researched traditional healers and shamans role in rural areas and their relationship to western medicine.

Visiting Scholar to Hong Kong University- The Center for Applied Ethics Scholarship award was a result of an international call for research proposals sponsored by the Ethics Department at Hong Kong Baptist University. Research involved a cross cultural analysis of health care and biomedical ethics with a focus on elderly women. Presented lectures at several health care facilities and at Shatin Hospital and the University.

Humanitarian Aid Trip to South Africa (2005 and 2008) Delivered educational materials to a rural territory pre-school, taught in an elementary school and participated in a summer camp for teens. Assisted in the Central Methodist Church distribution of food to Zimbabwe refugees and street children in Johannesburg


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