Dr. Kathleen Boland, Ph.D, LCSW, ACSW

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Recent Publications

Boland, K.  (2010). Professional boundaries in healthcare.  Gannett Education.  http://ce.nurse.com/SW01/Professional-Boundaries-in-Healthcare

Baker, K., & Boland, K. (2010). Assessing safety: A campus wide initiative. College Student Journal.

Baker, K., & Boland , K. (2010). College students' perceptions about organ donation. College Student Journal.

Boland, K. (2009). Law and ethics in social work. Teaching social work values and ethics, 2nd edition. CSWE Press: Council on Social Work Education: Alexandria, VA.

Baker, K., Boland, K., & Laffey, J. (2006).  The health connection at Cedar Crest College. National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, 43 (3) 446 - 463.

Spiezio, K., Baker K., & Boland, K. (2006).  General education and civic engagement: An empirical analysis of pedagogical possibilities.  The Journal of General Education, 54 (4) 273 - 294.

Boland, K. (2006).  Ethical decision-making among hospital social workers. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 3 (1).

Baker, K., Spiezio, K., & Boland, K. (2004).  Education and training in I-O psychology: Student engagement; Transference of attitudes and skills to the workplace, profession and community.  The Industrial - Organizational Psychologist, 42 (2) 101 - 107.

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